Why choose Transport Levasse? Because our young and hard-working team is driven by



We were one of the first transportation companies to provide a “paperless” service to its customers. Bills of lading in paper format are a thing of the past. We now issue electronic documents for the transportation of your goods. These include acknowledgement receipts, consignee signatures, and photos of your material. You can access our online operating system to track your shipments in real time and view your entire order history.

With these high-tech tools, we can better focus on your needs and propose relevant solutions. By having automated our information processing, collection, tracking, and billing, we’ve improved the reliability of the information.


Our transparent, efficient, and solution-oriented business relationships—along with our team of passionate people—exceed even the highest expectations of quality service.

Our team of professionals is focused on delivering on your objectives and ensuring seamless planning and communication. We favour a solution-oriented approach and our responsiveness adds value to any business. Highly dedicated to finding solutions, our team raises the bar for service excellence in the transportation industry.


We constantly strive for improvement and think outside the box. We see opportunities and possible solutions where many see obstacles and provide several scenarios with any request, making sure to divulge the pros and cons of each avenue explored.


The foundation and stability of any great company depends on its team. At Transport Levasse, we have a solid foundation and an exceptional, young, and hard-working team that share a passion for the industry.

Each of our team members will add value to your network, be committed to the smooth running of your shipments—which they will treat as their very own—and will always go the extra mile.

Our mission

Transport Levasse, a division of Groupe Levasse, was founded in 1991.

We’re a first-rate transportation company in a highly competitive market. Transport Levasse is committed to making a difference for your business and to building a trusting, long-term partnership. Our business relationships are based on transparency and open communication; simply put, we’re a leading provider that protects your interests and holds itself accountable for the success of your projects.

We use the latest technological tools to report the progress of your shipments in real time and strive to be proactive instead of reactive. Our drive, passion, and commitment are valuable assets for your company.